12-1-1998 Happy Holidays!
11-1-1998 Happy Thanksgiving.


Get out and enjoy the Fall weather. The humidity is almost gone, and there haven't been any blizzards yet!
9-1-1998 Face your old crises and grow old gracefully
8-1-1998 How we perceive the world depends, in part, on the filter we have installed in our heads. Check your filter now and then. It may need to be upgraded!


Be sure to pack your Varmint Bag before you leave on your next trip.
6-1-1998 Look around. There is something for which to be grateful, right in front of you.
5-1-1998 Remember to get outdoors this month. Summer only lasts for 30 days in Minnesota!
4-1-1998 Stop and think.
3-1-1998 Strive for power balance in your most intimate relationships.

Show tolerance and self-restraint, and the world will treat you in kind.

1-1-1998 Stay flexible, keep learning, take risks, and try to be the best person you can be.