12-1-1999 Be Excited About Knowledge! Think, Wonder, Hypothesize!
11-1-1999 Have Power With Graciousness And Humililty


Let Yourself Dream
9-1-1999 Use it Or Lose It!
8-1-1999 Struggle And Live!!


Remember With Reverence
6-1-1999 Feel Your Feelings, But Use Restraint And Don't Act Them Out
5-1-1999 Observe Humans And Write A Book--But Take A Nap First
4-1-1999 Let Your Children Struggle So That They Can Become Competent
3-7-1999 Be A Good Parent.
2-1-1999 No Matter How Painful Your Childhood, You Still Have Responsibility For Your Own Actions.
1-1-1999 Think And Learn Before You Make Mental Health Decisions.