12-1-2001 "It is through connecting one heart to another, around seemingly small things, that love grows."--Linda Friel & John Friel                     
11-1-2001 Try to love your neighbor as yourself


In Memoriam
9-1-2001 See each other with depth rather than superficiality; and learn to express and contain your anger while thinking your way through problems.
8-1-2001 Remember That "AND" Is A Most Powerful Word.


Have Reverence For The Giants Of History Upon Whose Shoulders We Have Built Our Society
6-1-2001 Run like the wind!!
5-1-2001 Have conflict--with integrity
4-1-2001 If You Support Campaign Finance Reform, Write A Letter Or Send A Fax To Your Representative In Congress--Don't E-Mail. They Don't Pay Much Attention To E-Mail.
3-1-2001 Show Leadership With Your Family. Be An Adult, Not Just Another One Of The Kids.
2-1-2001 Go See A Movie!
1-1-2001 Shake Your Soul And Let The Glory Out.