May-June 2001

May 2 Talk for professionals--"I'm Disappointed, I Think I'll Shoot You: How The Self Esteem Movement And Other Fads Are Ruining America's Children." Oklahoma City, OK A Chance To Change Foundation
May 2-6 Clearlife ® Clinic, Oklahoma City, OK
May 11 Radio Show, 4-5 p.m.
May 15 Rotary, St. Paul, Minnesota The 7 Worst Things (Good) Parents Do
June 4 West Virginia University Medical School -- Addiction Training Institute -- Keynote speech and three workshops: 1) I'm Disappointed: I Think I'll Shoot You. How The Self-Esteem Movement And Other Fads Are Ruining America's Children 2) When Is It Anger, When Is It Rage? 3) The Feelings Beneath The Rage: Teaching Emotional Competence As A Therapeutic Solution To Anger Problems 4) Using Genograms In Assessing The Sources Of Anger Problems
June 10 The Dipsea Race 7.1 miles over the rough terrain of Mt. Tamalpais from Mill Valley, CA to Stinson Beach, if John gets in again this year. Only 1500 are admitted each year.
June 25-28 "Working With Adults And Children From Dysfunctional Families," graduate continuing education class with credit offered through the University of St. Thomas, class offered at the Kelly Inn, St. Paul, MN