12-1-2000 Keep things in balance, and know your history.
11-1-2000 Remember that you are holy.


A teenager's job is to grow up.  Let's all help them do it by getting in their way just enough, and then letting them fly.
9-1-2000 Value your labor, no matter what, or where, it may be.
8-1-2000 Find Yourself.  The Rewards For The Struggle Are Immeasurable.


Have Reverence For The Giants Of History Upon Whose Shoulders We Have Built Our Society
6-1-2000 Continue To Become Competent/Pursue Your Dreams
5-1-2000 Celebrate New Ideas, And Spring Renewal
4-1-2000 Don't Lecture Your Kids, And Don't Let Your Own Anxiety Or Guilt Get In The Way Of Being A Good Parent
3-1-2000 Talk To Yourself, And When You Do, Listen
2-1-2000 Live Life To The Fullest While Accepting What It Brings
1-1-2000 Continue On