12-1-2004 If Jesus Christ Had Wanted Us To Think, He Would Have Spoken To Us In Parables
11-4-2004 If You Fear For The Safety of Your Marriage, Don't Look Outside Of It--Look Inside Of It.


Strength And Wisdom Are Not Opposing Values
7-1-2004 Honor True Democracy--The One That Isn't Staged For Political Gain. Honor True Freedom--Not The Illusion Of Freedom That Comes From Hiding Behind A Wall Or A Gate Or A Steel Fence
6-1-2004 Honor Our Soldiers--Never Send Them Into Battle Without Thinking Long And Hard About The Consequences


Get More Comfortable With Whomever You Are
3-1-2004 Follow The Canadian Drug Importation Issue
2-1-2004 Ask Yourself Why 40 Million Americans Don't Have Health Insurance
1-1-2004 Happy New Year. Surprise Yourself This Year By Bringing Your Better Part Forward