2-1-2007 Don't let certain forms of power fool you. Think before you come to a conclusion.


8-1-2006 If you take the risk to continuie growing up, you get to have a wonderful, passionate relationship until death do you part.

7-4-2006  If we all  learn to value education again, continue to think and learn and question and wonder, and make ourselves operate from our best selves, then we can make America the great nation we once were, no matter what the future holds.


11-1-2005  Think, and be thankful that you can

7-1-2005  thru 10-1-2005  Let America Be America Again

4-1-2005 thru 6-1-2005 Religious fundamentalism is dangerous no matter what the "brand"

3-1-2005 Resist extremism. Value balance. Democracy and religious hatred do not go hand-in-hand

2-1-2005 Keep The Faith

1-1-2005 Keep Your Eye On The Ball From Time To Time. That Is, On History...