In John's workshop that is being offered May 10, 1997, entitled Your Relationships Are Better Than You Think , he will present some useful tools for improving relationships, and some of the common traps and pitfalls that can make our relationships painful or difficult. One of the tools that will be presented is a simple but effective way to figure out what kinds of support you have in your life. If you are wondering about the support in your life, remember that it is useful to occasionally do a searching and fearless inventory of yourself, as we say in AA, to take stock of how things are going. At least once a year, sit down with yourself, alone, undisturbed, pen in hand, and draw or write a picture of the support people in your life. These will change over time, so don't assume that it will be the same as it was last year. Take your time with it, and try to be as honest as you can. And don't let anyone else see it, unless or until you are comfortable with someone seeing it. When you are done, let it rest for a week or so. Then let it speak to you. It will speak volumes.