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John C. Friel, Ph.D. and Linda D. Friel, M.A., are Licensed Psychologists who have been in private practice in St. Paul, Minnesota since 1981. John has also practiced in the Reno-Tahoe area since 2003. John is also an adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno. Their work is informed by their mentors James Maddock, Ph.D. and Noel Larson, Ph.D., world-renowned complex systems psychologists, and Professor William Doherty, Chairman of the Department of Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota; and colleagues Dr. David Schnarch, Terry Real, Belgian Psychotherapist Esther Perel, and John Gottman, among many others.

Sample of Workshop and Seminar Topics Listed Below

They have busy caseloads including individual, couple, and family therapy as well as ongoing men's and women's therapy groups. John specializes in intensive couples therapy work, and in helping families with grown children do reconciliation work when painful rifts have occurred in the fabric of the family. They are internationally recognized for their work with adults who grew up in painful families. They draw from the areas of family systems, cognitive restructuring, insight-oriented, group dynamics, and family-of-origin in their therapy approaches. To date, they have sold over 1/2 million of their very popular self-improvement/recovery/psychology books, as well.

Since 1985, , their 3.5-day Clearlife ® Clinic Program has helped more than 7,000 people identify and begin changing old childhood patterns of behavior, beliefs, and feelings so that they can begin living a better, clearer life in the present.

John Friel also maintains an active speaking and consultation schedule with business and industry as well as the mental health and chemical dependency fields, and is widely recognized for his balance of solid professionalism and lively humor, which allows him to hold audience attention and still convey invaluable amounts of information.

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Corporate Consulting/Speaking/Training

People bring into adulthood the patterns of relating and behaving that they learned growing up. This is no mystery. Problems in the workplace often baffle us nonetheless. Bringing an ecological systemic approach to workplace problems, including those of family-owned businesses, is  what differentiates Dr. Friel's work from that of many others.

John C. Friel, Ph.D. is a dynamic, stimulating, internationally-recognized speaker as well as a skilled clinician who blends solid theory and practice along with humor and clear organization so that seminar participants are able to grasp, comprehend, retain, and apply complex material in a relatively brief period of time. He is a psychologist in private practice in Reno, Nevada and St. Paul, Minnesota, has sold over 500,000 books co-authored with his wife, Linda, and is the national director of the ClearLife/Lifeworks Clinic Program.

Since 1980, John has consulted, trained, conducted seminars, and presented engaging keynote addresses for business and industry, hospitals, mental health clinics, government agencies, lawyers, doctors, and many, many more. A small sample of his past clients include:

Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Chicago, Minneapolis, Jackson Hole

The Gillette Company (St. Paul, MN)

NCR Comten (St. Paul, MN)

U. S. West Communications (Now Qwest)(Now CenturyLink)

The United States Army (South Korea and Monterey)

University of Minnesota Medical School

University of Nevada Reno Medical School and Psychiatry Department

Minnesota State Bar Association

Graco Corporation (Minneapolis)

Telemarketing Manager's Association of MN

Charter Nightingale Hospital, London, England

Aeisiri Treatment Center, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

And countless others

Over the years, John has presented, from one hour up to four days, on the following topics, and many more that are related to these:

Work Systems/Family Systems

Capitalizing On Your Management Strengths

Alcoholism And Other Addictions

The Price Of Painful Families

Creative Conflict Resolution

Team Building


Corporate Spirituality

Healthy Relationships


Men's Issues

Victim-Perpetrator Dynamics

Workshop Topics For The General Public and Mental Health Conferences

1. The Seven Best Things Truly Happy Couples Do: From the Therapist’s and the Client’s Perspectives

2a. I'm Disappointed: I Think I'll Shoot You: How The Self-Esteem Movement And Other Fads Are Ruining America's Children

2b. Competent Adults Create Children With A Strong Spirit: How To Repair The Damage Of The Self-Esteem Movement By Helping Adults Help Children

3a. Manage Your Fear, Hurt, Shame, and Loneliness: They Are The Root Cause of Violence, And The Foundation For Intimate Depth

3b. The Feelings Beneath The Rage: Teaching Emotional Competence As A Therapeutic Solution To Anger Problems    

4a. Moving Clients From Victimhood To Adulthood

4b. Understanding And Treating Victim And Perpetrator Dynamics

Men’s Health in the 21st Century: Anger, Addiction, & Alienation

Know How You Chose Each Other: Using Genograms, Birth Order Theory, And Discovery Of Covert Patterns To Help Clients Figure Out Why They Love Each Other

The Roots Of Addiction: Digging In So You Can Grow Again

Taking Risks in Mid-Life: How To Prevent Stagnation and Re-Invigorate Your Life

The 7 Worst Things (Good) Parents Do: Creating Healthy Families in the New Millennium
You Can't Be 'Married' Unless You're Old Enough To Date

How To Talk To Children About Difficult Things

Spirituality And Mental Health

Healthy Relationships, Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Recovery

Good Shame, Bad Shame...Your Shame, My Shame

If you are interested in having John speak for your organization, he can be contacted at:

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