12-1-2002 Let's All Strive To Be Part Of Something Greater Than Our Self-Interest
11-1-2002 Goodbye, Senator Wellstone


Read Your Old Journal Entries Every Once In Awhile
9-1-2002 Take A Vacation
8-1-2002 Acknowledge Change


Celebrate Our Freedoms. But More Than That, Protect Them
6-1-2002 Be Separate, Equal, And Love Each Other With Passion
5-1-2002 Pray For All Of Us Creatures Here On Earth
4-1-2002 Let Disappointment Enrich Your Life...And You
3-1-2002 Manage Your Fear, Hurt, Shame, And Loneliness To Have The Deepest Intimacy And The Least Amount Of Damage.
2-1-2002 Learn from your mistakes, and let your humility make you powerful
1-1-2002 Value the small memories and connections and competencies in your self and your life