12-1-2003 Exercise Moderately, Especially If You Are Feeling "Down"
11-1-2003 Let Yourself Wonder If We Are All Much More Alike Than We Are Different


Look At Some Old Photographs With An Old Friend
9-4-2003 Take A Vacation Once In Awhile!
8-1-2003 Read The Newspaper. Don't Just Get Your News From The 10 Minute Sound Bites On Television


Read Your History Books--Or Be Doomed To Repeat History
6-8-2003 Big Changes Are Coming!
5-1-2003 Never forget the basic freedoms guaranteed us by the U. S. Constitution
4-1-2003 Pray For Peace
3-1-2003 We Don't Have Any Good Advice This Month. We Don't Get It.
2-1-2003 Keep World Events In Perspective
1-1-2003 Let Your Unconscious Mind Stir