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John C. Friel, Ph.D. and Linda D. Friel, M.A., are Licensed Psychologists in private practice in St. Paul, Minnesota. John also practices in the Reno-Tahoe area.. They have busy caseloads including individual, couple, and family therapy as well as ongoing men's and women's therapy groups. John specializes in intensive couples therapy work, and in helping families with grown children do reconciliation work when painful rifts have occurred in the fabric of the family.

They are internationally recognized for their work with adults who grew up in painful families. They draw from the areas of family systems, cognitive restructuring, insight-oriented, group dynamics, and family-of-origin in their therapy approaches. To date, they have sold over 1/2 million of their very popular self-improvement/recovery/psychology books, as well.

Over the past 20 years, their 3.5-day ClearLife Clinic Program has helped more than 6,000 people identify and begin changing old childhood patterns of behavior, beliefs, and feelings so that they can begin living a better, clearer life in the present.

John Friel also maintains an active speaking and consultation schedule with business and industry as well as the mental health and chemical dependency fields, and is widely recognized for his balance of solid professionalism and lively humor, which allows him to hold audience attention and still convey invaluable amounts of information.


ABC News 20/20 Interview with Dr. Nancy Snyderman in San Francisco,
On The Disadvantages Of Attachment Parenting.

The Friels were featured for an hour on the Oprah Winfrey Show  on
"The 7 Worst Things Parents Do."

MSNBC "Internight" John commenting on parental responsibility for their
own children's violence, addiction, in regard to the Littleton tragedy.

John was also featured in a lengthy article for parents on how to talk to
teens about tragedy, violence, racism, and risk in USA TODAY and has
been featured in numerous smaller newspapers around the U.S.

Interview with Marcia Clark on radio station KRLA-AM 1110

Dr. Toni Grant Show  Nationally syndicated radio broadcast, on The 7
Worst Things (Good) Parents Do

Child Magazine , interview on why it is good for mothers to have close
women friends, and to go out with them on a fairly regular basis.

Parents Magazine , Ten Discipline Sins

Redbook Magazine  "Mommy Strategies: Don't Be Your Kid's Best Friend"
John Friel on not being your child's best friend and signs if you are making
this parenting mistake.

Fox Television , The Parent Table, Interview with Linda Friel

Northwest Afternoon , one-hour live television appearance in Seattle
fllowed by book signings at 2 Barnes & Noble Bookstores in the Seattle

They also did individual interviews about their new book on 25 different
tv news stations around the U.S. Cities included Washington, D.C.,
Phoenix, Detroit, Knoxville, Seattle, San Diego, Philadelphia, Memphis,
Dallas, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Charleston WV, Miami, Cincinnati, Chicago,
Indianapolis, St. Louis, Asheville NC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Denver, and
Salt Lake City.

John has been featured on hundreds of radio programs throughout the
United States, providing expert commentary on parenting, relationships,
teens, families, and why Americans need to finally grow up.

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